Your Chinese teaching contract

Always read your contract. Here is some advice and general guidelines of what’s normally included in a Chinese teaching contract.

First things first. All teaching contracts are available in two languages: Mandarin and English. Mandarin always take precedence over English.

Contracts vary by company e.g. public school, teaching agency, international school etc. Below is a typical representation of a teaching contract for a teaching agency (e.g. public school).

Typical Contract Components
  • Name, address and contact details of employer.
  • Length of contract including start date and end date.
  • Probation period if applicable.
  • Holidays (number).
  • Teacher duties and typical work hours. Actual hours may change depending on your school and student age group.
  • Teacher obligations – the rules you must abide and consequences for various actions and grounds for suspension and/or dismissal.
  • Salary (normally divided into lecture renumeration, overtime pay).
  • Accommodation allowance if provided.
  • Social insurance (if it’s provided and the company providing it).
  • Additional benefits e.g. airfare reimbursement, overtime pay, class cover etc.

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