Hello, I’m Teacher Jason!
Senior Oral English Teacher

I am a bilingual teacher from England living in Shenzhen, China. I have taught over 2,000 primary students in public school with an average of 50 children per class with no teaching assistant.

I teach Oral English focusing on three key principles: improving vocabulary, pronunciation and enunciation. I teach through music, action songs, reading, and games with a combination of individual, pair and group work. I host one open class each term, please come and watch my class if you would like to learn more about how I teach your child.

Besides Oral English, I have also taught drama, debate club and have been a judge in several school competitions in Oral English, poetry and sports. I regularly participate in school events and you can see me outside the school gates in the mornings and after school, come and say hello!

When not at school, I love to travel, drink coffee (my favourite is a vanilla latte), and learn new languages (currently learning Mandarin & Japanese). You can often find me in Seaworld (on Line 2) at Haagen Dazs, KFC or Pizza Hut, come and say hi. I love conversing with parents and children outside of school.

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